Are you our new business partner with a passion for Healthcare?

In the Netherlands, Portavita delivers its General ICS, Care Management Modules and Data Management Solutions directly to its’ customers. We support many thousands of care providers as specialists, GP’s, paramedics like dieticians and physiotherapists, etcetera in the treatment of over 500.000 patients.

Abroad, we deliver these solutions through a select group of well-respected strategic partners. Each partner is equipped with the relevant professional expertise and has the ability to support our customers in different geographic regions. Partners assist with sales, implementation, customer service and support.

Partners we are looking for will have complementary, professional and proven expertise. This can be at medical, business, health ICT, political and other relevant area's and they have the ability or potential to win and support customers.

Do you see a (business) opportunity in becoming a partner of Portavita? Please contact Aloys Langemeyer, Director Sales & Services.


Strong partnerships are invaluable in today's business environment

As a partner you can benefit from Portavita’s expertise in many areas. For more than ten years now, our software has already proven to be stable, secure and reliable.

From the beginning, we have offered our software solutions in a Software as a Service model. It is multilingual and can be hosted in your own country, so it gives you the ability to respond to your local needs.

While you can use our platform to configure your own solution, you no longer need to develop a system from scratch. Your time to market can be rather short, investments are relatively low, and there is only limited IT knowledge required.

Portavita holds an ISO 13485:2003 certificate and CE mark.

The healthcare industry is a challenging business. Successfully entering this market requires strong relationships and in-depth knowledge of the local healthcare environment. You are aware of the complexity of health IT, and you know persistence is required to realise the opportunities for innovation and business development!

Do you see any opportunity for a business case, using the Portavita Integrated Care System? Perhaps our software can be an add-on for applications that you already use, or it might offer you the possibility to collaborate on a specific clinical picture. Or perhaps it could support you in the improvement of the treatment of patients who live in rural areas. Just feel free to contact us to discuss whether it is profitable for both of us to work together.

Portavita is based on standards like HL7 and IHE.

Bringing innovation into practice is in our genes. Our partners recognise themselves in this passion and with their knowledge and expertise they provide a valuable contribution.

Our current professional partners are:

iqClinic and Portavita have signed a cooperation agreement for the use of Portavita’s Anticoagulation Management module as part of a ‘total treatment for anticoagulation’ in Russia.

This ‘total treatment’ is an initiative of iqClinic, a consortium in which several Russian physicians and laboratory suppliers collaborate. The renowned Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery (Bakoulev CCVS) of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) in Moscow was the first to start with its roll out.

Philips Healthcare is committed to providing meaningful innovations that improve the quality of care, enhance patients’ lives and enable the delivery of better outcomes at lower cost. Under white label, Philips offers the Portavita Anticoagulation Management software to its customers.

ICT solutions by Deutsche Telekom support all parties involved in the areas of telemedicine, telematics, care, hospitals, health insurance companies and in the secondary market for fitness and prevention. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom offers the Portavita EHR Palliative Module to its customers.

Vancis Advanced ICT Services offers ICT services and ICT products to enterprises, universities, and educational and healthcare institutions. Vancis is responsible for the services of the data of Portavita. The organisation manages two of its own sustainable data centres in Amsterdam and Almere that avail over extensive connectivity options, including the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). Vancis offers its customers cost-effective, 7x24 continuity and security conforming to the highest industry standards (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001).

EMC builds information infrastructures and virtual infrastructures to help people and businesses around the world unleash the power of their digital information. EMC offerings in backup and recovery, enterprise content management, unified storage, big data, enterprise storage, data federation, archiving, security, and deduplication help customers move to and build IT trust in their next generation of information management and enable them to offer IT-as-a-Service as part of their journey to cloud computing.