Portavita is a leading supplier of Integrated Care Systems (ICS). As a platform for collaboration it supports hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers, patients and citizens all over the world. The aim of the system is to assist and enhance the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle.

Our generic ICS Module not only supports healthcare providers, caregivers and patients in sharing information and communicating with each other, but also allows others who are involved with citizens’ health (like government institutions) to have (restricted) access to the data.

Our ICS modules for Chronic Diseases, also called Care Management Modules, have specifically been developed to support the treatment of patients who suffer one or multiple chronic disease(s). Input of leading medical professionals and their patients is the basis for the current modules of the system: Diabetes, Asthma/COPD, Cardiovascular Risk Management, Anticoagulation and Elderly Care. Patient self-management is part of these modules.

The Data Management Solutions of Portavita ensure that you can use your (big) data for management reporting, analysis or further research. All Portavita modules have integrated Reporting and Analysis functionality. Since the establishment of the company in 2002, all Portavita Modules are available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Therefore, it can be used on all different devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

All modules are scalable, so you can start using the system quick and easy, with only a few users, and extend the number of users as you grow. Even if the complexity of your care processes and collaborations increase dramatically, this won’t have any big impact on the use of the system. The Portavita Integrated Care System is multilingual and currently in use in the Netherlands, Curaçao, Germany, Russia and Suriname.


It is the mission of Portavita to enable healthcare providers, patients and citizens to securely share information, by means of our Integrated Care System. The aim of the system is to assist and enhance the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health and lifestyle.


We envision a world where healthcare providers, patients and citizens can digitally and securely share all relevant information, to help create a healthier society.


We do everything in our power to develop and continuously improve our Integrated Care System. By means of our platform for collaboration, data can be shared to support and improve patient treatment and to increase citizens’ health. All solutions are secure and compliant with regulations, and are based on international standards.

Evert Jan Hoijtink

Founder, CEO and Shareholder of Portavita B.V.
Co-founder and Shareholder of MGRID B.V.

Evert Jan was trained in Economics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. After a function as Industrial Accountant at AkzoNobel, he worked mainly in the IT industry as sales at Honeywell-Bull, account manager and senior consultant at Capgemini and director of eCommerce at Oracle EMEA. His core competences are Business Development, IT Architecture, Standardisation and being an entrepreneur. With his visionary view, Evert Jan heads the company in the direction of a world, where healthcare providers, patients and citizens can be secure, digitally connected and share information to create a healthier society.

Edo Westerhuis

Founder, COO and Shareholder of Portavita B.V.
Shareholder of MGRID B.V.

Since the beginning of his working life, Edo has always been involved with ICT and business. Edo graduated cum laude as a Master of Science in Computer Science. Starting at the R&D department of one of world’s biggest flower auctions, he continued his career at the leading health insurance company AGIS. In several different roles that all were related to analysis of business processes and data, Edo has gained a lot of experience in the field of process-based software. It is with this wealth of knowledge that he is invaluable for Portavita in his role of COO.

Director Sales & Services

Aloys Langemeyer

Director Sales & Services

Aloys has many years of experience with international Sales and Sales Management at KPMG, Oracle and Honeywell Bull. He is a Master of Science in Economics and has extensive knowledge of the healthcare market, especially in the area of chronic care. He maintains strong relationships with customers, partners and stakeholders. We are more than happy to have Aloys representing our company to ensure its further international expansion.

Int'l Implementation Manager

Pieter Terpstra

International Implementation Manager

Pieter has been with Portavita from the start. He had already been working in an international environment in the field of services and implementation for a long time. Pieter has in-depth knowledge and experience with implementation and support procedures, the transition of business processes, data conversion and training. Guiding our (international) customers in their migration to the Portavita Integrated Care System is in very good hands with Pieter.


Martin Fleurke


A graduate of Twente University, Martin started his career as software engineer at Portavita. He has evolved within the company, and since 2009 he provides a valuable contribution to the innovation of new products in his role as CTO.

Olivier Marchesini

Quality & Compliance manager

Olivier studied mechanical engineering at École Centrale de Lyon in 1982 in France. After that he came to the Netherlands and studied  Business Administration at the University of Twente.

From 1986 he worked successively at Philips and AT&T (consultant), Capgemini (consultant and account manager), Agis – a health insurance company - (Manager R&D), AT Kearney (Manager) and Prismant- a Consulting firm for hospitals. In 2010 he joined Portavita as the quality and Compliance manager. He is also responsible for the two European Research Projects COMMODITY12 and AXLE. Finally, with his French background he holds the position of Export Manager France.  

Besides his work at Portavita he is within the framework of quality chairman or member of the following committees:

  • Chairman of the NEN Platform Software as a Medical Device (SamD NC 303 500)
  • Member of the NEN Norm Committee on Information Systems in Healthcare (NC303006)
  • Member of NEN Norm Committee on Medical Devices (NC301002)

He is also a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society - RAPS


Improving Networked Health requires an open and collaborative approach.

Therefore, Portavita is an active member in several professional societies.

Bio-Databank Commission University of Mainz - Member

CIMI, Clinical Information Modeling Initiative - Supporting Vendor

eMbrace Institute Foundation - Vice-Chairman

EU FP7 projects AXLE - Member

EU FP7 projects COMMODITY12 - Member

HL7, Health Level Seven International - Member

IHE, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - Member

NEN Health IT Policy Committee - Member

OIZ, Association of organisations for ICT in Healthcare - Former Vice-Chairman