We present the development of COMMODITY12, a Personal Health System (PHS) to assist in the provision of continuous and personalised health services to diabetic patients, thus empowering their lifestyle regardless of their location. COMMODITY12 consists of ambient, wearable and portable devices, which acquire, monitor and communicate physiological parameters and other health-related context of an individual, such as physical activity and vital body signals. This data is interpreted by intelligent agents that use expert biomedical knowledge to derive important insights about the individual’s health status,which are then presented in the form of active feedback to the patient directly from the device, or via health professionals who assist in diagnosis, treatment and life management. The emphasis of the work is on the design of the PHS in terms of its main components, their integration and deployment to address major problems of interest to both diabetic patients and doctors that treat diabetes.

Keywords: Personal Health Systems, agent technology, diabetes management, interoperability