For over 15 years, Portavita’s Health Management Platform supports anticoagulation clinics and their patients in managing the anticoagulation treatment, as well as care groups and their patients in managing treatments for chronic diseases like Diabetes and COPD, and prevention and risk management programs like CVRM and Elderly Care.

We focus on cooperation between different professionals and the patient in a region, and self management for the patient. Using Portavita’s software leads to higher quality care, increases efficiency and thereby reduces costs. Portavita has a strong base in The Netherlands, and is expanding in other countries, including Russia, Ireland, Suriname, Curacao.

Portavita’s platform consists of a monolithic php application backed by a Postgresql database, complemented with many micro-services written in Java and Scala, and a Kafka- and FHIR-messages based data bus. We are creating a Kubernetes cluster to run our services in Docker.

Our IT team, existing of 5 development teams and 1 systems engineering team, includes many young, highly trained professionals. To complement one of our development teams, we are looking for a

Senior PHP architect / developer

If you are a person who:

  • looks forward to the challenge of working on complex IT problems;
  • likes to take individual responsibility;
  • thrives in an agile team;
  • wants to make a personal contribution to a project;
  • takes pleasure in having the space and freedom to work the way you prefer, when you prefer and using the tools you prefer;
  • would like to help improve the quality of care.

… respond now!

Fields and main activities
The work comprises building new functionality for our Health Management Platform, specifically (but not limited to) the monolithic PHP application.
Your work would be concerned with the entire process, which comprises:

  • consulting with clients and product owners;
  • analyzing information;
  • designing;
  • testing & programming;
  • documenting.

You will also have the opportunity to spend some of your time on research into new technologies and methods. The guiding principle for this will be your own interests. The working environment at Portavita is challenging: medical information is complex; the database contains a large volume of data and accuracy is essential for medical details.

Job requirements and profile

  • A MSc in Computer Science or proven ability to operate on that level of thinking
  • At least 7 years experience in software design and development
  • A good verbal and written command of English
  • Well-developed analytic skills
  • Ability to work independently within a team
  • Constantly looking for better concepts
  • Experience in refactoring applications to improve code quality
  • You are able to extract functionality into separate microservices when appropriate
  • Good understanding of design patterns and how to apply them
  • You can easily find your way in existing / unknown code

Affinity with:

  • Databases of different kinds (relational, document store, message queue, nosql)
  • Internet development methods/techniques, including PHP
  • Open source tools and open standards

Specific recent knowledge and experience
The following knowledge and experience would be preferred:

  • Scrum development methodology
  • OOP, FP, Clean Code
  • Procedural languages for relational database
  • Medical standards such as HL7 V2&3, SNOMED CT, FHIR

We are looking for people with a broad interest, that can pick up or introduce new technologies and solutions when appropriate.
For the current position, a strong focus will be on PHP, SQL and PL/PgSQL, but as a company we work with other languages and programs listed below, and knowledge of them is a benefit.

  • PHP 7.1
  • Java, Scala, Spring
  • Python, Bash
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Javascript, Polymer 2, Web components
  • Teamcity, Jenkins, Selenium, xUnit
  • Postgresql, PL/pgSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Kafka
  • Jira, Fisheye/Crucible, Git
  • IntelliJ, PHPStorm

Terms of Employment
We offer a competitive salary, including a payment towards pension contribution. A part-time position is negotiable. Working hours are flexible and the possibilities include working partly at home.
For further details, contact Marcel Bodewitz,, tel. +31 (0)20 – 820 05 15, or the general telephone number: +31 (0)20 – 82 00 500.
Please send your application letter and CV by e-mail to
Acquisition as a result of our vacancies is not appreciated.